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Meat Cutters Are Needed Urgently At Country Choice Meats Canada

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Meat Cutters Are Needed Urgently At Country Choice Meats Canada

Job Description

We are looking for skilled Meat Cutters to provide high-quality meats and services to our customers. The Butcher will perform quality inspections, use meat grinders, knives, saws, and other tools to cut meat down into smaller portions, weigh, price, and package cuts, and ensure that displays and signage are attractive and eye-catching. You will also speak to customers to determine their needs, provide advice regarding proper cuts of meat and preparation methods, and coordinate pickups or deliveries.

To succeed as a Butcher, you should be courteous, knowledgeable, and detail-oriented. You should have excellent communication skills and a strong understanding of meat quality, cuts, and preparation.


  • Cutting, grinding, and preparing meats for sale.
  • Cleaning and maintaining tools and equipment and ensuring displays and signage are accurate and attractive.
  • Weighing, packaging, pricing, and displaying products.
  • Keeping records, budgets, and inventory.
  • Performing quality inspections on meats and other products.
  • Negotiating and confirming orders with suppliers.
  • Adhering to food safety and sanitation controls.
  • Greeting and speaking to customers, providing advice, answering questions, and accepting orders or payments.
  • Coordinating deliveries or order pickups.


  • Education or food preparation or meat cutting experience.
  • Ability to use hand tools, stand or walk for extending periods, lift heavy items, and work in cold environments.
  • Additional training is often required.
  • Knowledge of meat preparation techniques and cuts.
  • Strong communication, task management, and customer service skills.

More Details About This Job:

No previous experience required. The employee must be willing to work, willing to learn, and have transportation to and from the job site. The employee will be expected to learn and perform correct slaughter techniques using stunning devices and knives; skin, clean, and trim carcasses; how to break carcasses into primal, sub-primal, and counter-ready cuts, de-bone meat; sharpen a knife; and general rules of safety.
Duties: De-boning cuts of pork, movement of product from one area of work to another. Other duties may be assigned from time to time. They may include but are not limited to: use of a weigh scale, moving and stacking boxes, preparing products for transport or storage, removal of waste product from the work area, etc.
Employer Name:
Country Choice Meats
Wage/Salary Info:
$15.00/hr + to start depending on experience
Employment Terms:
Application Closing Date:
Work Setting
  • Slaughter houses
  • Meat processing and packing plants
Type of Equipment
  • Stunning devices
  • Saws
  • Power cutting tools
  • Knives
How to Apply?:
Email, In-person Open to Canadian residents or anyone legally entitled to work in Canada.

Application Information

Employer Name:

Country Choice Meats

Employer Address:

Contact Name:

Contact Phone:
306 467 4422

Contact Email:

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