Quickly read: S*x for grades, can this three things stop them

Good day to you my fellow African men and women, students and staffs.
Let me quickly first pure my mind out about currents sad news coming out from our Universities especially some well know amd recognize university and polytechnic in Nigeria.
Its very extremely sad to see our leader and lectures passing out failing students because of body(S*x) they are passing out failure of tomorrow not leader of tomorrow.
Its very bad for our lectures to be failing leaders of tomorrow because of body (s*) and forget about shame or their post in community.
Same thing happened to my ex girlfriend studied in one of OYo state own polytechnic, i got this bad and sad call from her thst day she told me her lecturer called her to meet him in one of guest house around the school which the story later went bad because she couldnt afford to rewrite his course.
I think our government are too weak to work or take this up.

1st: Why suspending lectures that goes against school laws?? Are they too big to sack and face the law.

Please comment bellow and let us know what you think about this bad and ruin attitude in our universities

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